Green is the trust

Give your customers confidence by securing and encrypting data

give trust to your customer

from our 5 years experience in the filed otomtech offer service of issuing ssl/Tsl certificates, Protecting sites from malicious and hacking


We provide certificates of protection for free, and protect data transfer in middle

Code Encryption

To protect your site from theft we encrypt codes, passwords and scripts

Anti Hacking

We offer A wide range of antivirus and malware protection programs for your site

What it means to secure your website with the green sign

search engine optimization

Green is the trust

Give trust to your customer

By showing the green mark. You give confidence to customers to deal with you. The green label has become a standard for the client to deal with companies

digital advitesr

Red is warn

Security for search engines

By securing your site. You help search engines to archive and optimize the results of your site

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