internet of things

Internet of things is an application of artificial intelligence.

Posted by otomtech on march 28, 2018

internet of things Where several electronic devices, vehicles, home appliances and sensors are connected with each other and communicate with each other.With the development of modern science, the information technology sector and the applications of artificial intelligence, Internet technology has emerged as one of these applications. Where electronic devices enabled the exchange of orders and information between them without human intervention within the system of electronic integrated through the Internet

Define of Internet of things

What is meant by things. All electronic devices and equipment that can be recognized by the Internet through Internet communication protocols. The thing in this technique is called anything that can be defined by IP Adress. Or IP stick dedicated to this thing so that it can be identified by the Internet and send and receive orders and data from it and state. A person can enter this system if the person is defined as a specific IP that is pasted into his watch or glasses.Internet is structured by specific software controlled by a central computer that manages the process automatically without human intervention and allows the exchange of information and the implementation of orders between the devices without interference between humans. There are many examples of this technique, which constituted a great development of mankind and created a difference and a great benefit by providing the effort and cost on human resources to control and management of daily life sciences.

Examples of Internet of things

As a simplified concept for examples on the Internet things the possibility of the person to run his car through the phone or know the contents inside the refrigerator or the extinguishing and operation of electricity in his home from his phone

Examples of Internet of things using artificial intelligence

smart homes

is used Internet of things in smart homes, such as the lack of some food at home refrigerator Vttwasal home refrigerator with home shopping closest to the center and send a request missing the things.Motion sensors in the house extinguish electricity in rooms or home if no one is at home to save energy.Heat sensors and gases send alerts to fire stations in the event of a gas leak or fire at home without the need for human intervention. And many examples that facilitated the daily life of man.

In the health field

Internet technology has been used in the health field and health information has been purified.For example, during the wristwatch, the heartbeat, blood pressure, or any health defect in the patient's life is measured, and alerts are sent to the health center or to the doctor concerned with this patient. Without knowing the patient.

In media and marketing

Internet of things is used by major marketing companies such as Google, Facebook and others where it uses targeted targeting. Where the pieces of smart appliances Kaltlfonat and personal computers to collect information and data for a particular person working on the daily behavior and interests analysis and working on the work and show ads Almtatabgah with the interests of this person or broadcast news commensurate with this person at the designated time appropriate for the piece without human intervention in determining the spectrum.The Internet also works to collect and analyze the personalities and personal orientations of a specific individual or community and to do studies and chart goals that help decision-makers or those interested in the political field.

In the security field

The Internet has been used for security, traffic regulation and the discovery of criminals. By surveillance cameras and sensors in the analysis of images at airports and public places and the detection of criminals and the sending of warnings and communications to the security centers of the wanted and the place and time of their presence.And also through smart sensors are recognized Saklogih the person before the foot to commit a crime or violation of security and send alerts and Althazirt security centers or police or send orders to shut down some roads and lanes or turn on the lights.

Benefits of Internet of things

Internet of things technology has many benefits, most important of which are

Save time and effort on human and human management

Saving money as it reduces the number of human resources in the execution of traditional tasks.

Energy saving and rational use.

Accurate data and information is provided very quickly

Deliver accurate studies and analysis in decision-making processes

Improving industrial and agricultural production

Industrial cities Industrial cities in the future will use artificial intelligence to manage daily life.