Affiliate Revenue Model

Affiliate marketing strategy based on revenue sharing between the advertiser , sponsor, publisher

Posted by otomtech on march 15, 2018

The concept of Affiliate marketing or commissioning

Affiliate marketing program. Or marketing versus commission: is that the introduction of an intermediary helps companies and merchants in the promotion and advertising of their products or services in exchange for this broker to a certain percentage on each sale is made or on any service or offer any action such as bringing a visitor to register on the site or other goals. The concept of participatory marketing began in the early 1980s, with the spread of the Internet. E-commerce owners have benefited from this new concept in marketing their products and expanding their customer base using a wide network from around the world. In conjunction with the establishment of a consortium between e-commerce companies, and start selling products between suppliers and can be through the network.

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Evolution of the concept of affiliate marketing

In one of the studies conducted in some countries, including America, companies achieve a sales revenue of 20% of the marketing strategy of the commission, and also in the retailers, 40% of the sale of products are carried out by participatory marketing has started this area of development and increase and became one of the most important sources of revenue The fastest-growing online retailers. Between 2019 and 2025, corporate spending on participatory marketing is expected to increase by nearly $ 6.8 billion. With the great expansion of e-commerce, some sites were created that provide advertising and customers to other companies, and the work of electronic advertising banners, and the participation of sales links and whenever the user clicks on that content or advertising, was directed to the site of procurement. To meet each sale, the owner of the site who acts as an intermediary wins a commission for guidance. The Amazon site was one of the pioneers who used the marketing program to participate in the sale of products  

Affiliate Marketing Features:

For marketers or participants in the participatory marketing program, including:

- There is no need for a large amount of money to start your commission marketing activity

- There is no need to send goods to customers and enter the maze of suppliers, or to deal with refunds

- Can manage business marketing versus a percentage of sales output from anywhere in the world

- There is no need for a large amount of money to start your commission marketing activity

- There is no need to buy a product or store it and rent a store

Advantages of Participatory Marketing

The participating marketing program has many advantages:

- Flexibility: You can control your ad campaign whenever you like and stop it at any time and show ads 24 hours.

- Get new customers for your company: Marketing programs help you to get new customers and thus increase profits.

- Low Cost: Pay only for the person who clicks on your ad or buys the advertised product.

- Awareness of your company: Instilling the mental image of your company name in the minds of your customers.

- Wide spread: Your advertisement is not only shown in search engines. It appears in thousands of other websites

- Monitoring and evaluation: You can calculate ROI for your ROI campaign

Affiliate Marketing Features With patience and hard work you have to reach the goal

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