Now You Can Earn Money From Creating Content On Web

By Creating Your Independent Personal Blog With otomtech

About Revenue from Content

Many content advertising companies pay millions of dollars to advertise on blogs, you will earning 8$ per 1 thousnds vistors per day. within writeing 10-30 articles on a specific subject on your blog. You get 1000 visitors a day. equal a profit of $ 240 monthly. with more articles you get more traffic, so more profit.

Content Revenue Program

What We Do With Content Revenue Program

Registration Domain Name

- We start by choosing and registration the appropriate domain name for blog.
- Fixing URL domain .
- Add SSL certificate for website.

Design of an attractive logo

- Secondly, we design a suitable logo
- choose the color and general appearance of website
- Design profile, cover images for social media pages

Select the programming language

- We work on selecting the appropriate site programming language for your blog.
- blogger or wordpress or php language
- With a content management and publishing system.

Archiving your website

- We are working to achieve your site on the search engines with latest SEO codes.
- Link website to Google Console,analytics

How to Write Content

- We provide a complete explanation file. For how to use your blog and upload content and publications.
- Provide an explanation file, for how choose articles title and content.

Profit from content

- Finally we are working to link your website with companies profit from advertising such as Google Adsense
- Link website to the pages of Social Media.

Sample of Our Work

hesbh fashion
Hesbh Fashion
Gulf News
Pixel Consultant
Golifein Style

Payment Methods

Total Price = 70 $

paypal PayPal

mastercard Mastercard

visa card Visa card


Western union Western union

bitcoin Bitcoin

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or by whatsapp NO : 0017409101906 or by sending your order

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